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ZOJE ZJ953-13-PD3
4-thread automatic overlock (safety stitch) machine, light and medium materials, direct drive needle bar, built-in Servo motor and control box - machine head

Brand: Zoje

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900 series is flagship ZOJE overlock series. 2-needle / 4-thread overlock (safety stitch) machine (stitch type 514) for light and medium materials. Serial equipped with automatic functions: thread trimmer, pneumatic foot lifter, needle positioning. With energy-saving LED lamp for lighting of working field.

Model with energy-saving AC Servo motor, control box, programming control panel and power switch integrated into machine head (mechatronic "all-in-one" set). Thanks to integration of all elements the machine works quietly and without adverse vibrations. AC Servo motor saves up to 70% energy comparing to a conventional electronic motor or clutch motor. Equipped with vortex fan which sucks the external air and ensures more efficient cooling.

Needles gauge 2 mm, seam width 4 mm (6 mm with safety stitch), max. sewing speed 7.000 s.p.m., differential bottom feed, direct drive type needle bar and improved central lubrication.

For this machine we recommend SCHMETZ needles system B-27 with correct needle points, depending on the fabric.

Product features

Kit: head
Number of threads: 4
Overlock machine for application: universal
Top feed: no
Overlock machine for materials: light and medium
Overedging width: 4 mm
Total seam width: 6 mm
LED lighting of working field: yes
Max. sewing speed: 7000 s.p.m.
Built-in AC Servo motor: yes
Needle system: B-27
Warranty period: 12 months
Kit: head