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Automatic, mechatronic lockstitch machine with closed lubrication circuit - complete machine

Brand: Zoje

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New! Mechatronic, automatic 1-needle lockstitch machine for light and medium materials.

Now equipped with innovative closed lubrication system divided into two sections - first one lubricate hook and have special oil detector that makes sound signal when the oil runs low. Other section lubricate the moving parts, except for dry needle bar protected by PTFE.

Machine is serial equipped with automatic functions:
- needle positioning,
- thread trimmer - standard 5 mm,
- electromagnetic foot lifting - pedal and knee lifter (up to 9 mm, and with use of knee lifter to 13 mm),
- reverse feeding with programmed size of the initial and final bartack,
- possibility of programming sewing sections,
- controller of initial stitch,

Built-in USB port - to be used for battery charging (smartphones and tablets).

Integrated 3 degrees adjustable brightness energy-saving LED lamp for lighting of working field.

Model with energy-saving AC Servo motor, control box, programming control panel and power switch integrated into machine head (mechatronic "all-in-one" set). Thanks to integration of all elements the machine works quietly and without adverse vibrations.
AC Servo motor saves up to 70% energy comparing to a conventional electronic motor or clutch motor.

Bottom feed, max sewing speed 5.000 s.p.m., max. stitch length 5 mm. Modern cooling system of motor and control module.

Complete sewing machine with original Zoje stand and table top.

For this machine we recommend SCHMETZ needles system 135x5 or 135x5 SERV7, with correct needle points, depending on the fabric.

Product features

Kit: set
1-needle lockstitch for materials: light and medium
Type of feed: bottom
Automatic thread trimming: yes
Automatic needle positioning: yes
Automatic foot lifter: yes
Automatic bartacking: yes
Wiper: no
Stitch compensation button: yes
Type of lubrication: closed "dry" circuit
Side trimmer: no
LED lighting of working field: yes
Max. stitch length: 5.0 mm
Presser foot lift height: 13 mm
Max. sewing speed: 5000 s.p.m.
Built-in AC Servo motor: yes
Needle system: 135X5
Table top: Original Zoje cm
Warranty period: 12 months
Kit: complete set