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Lamp for airflow and surface disinfection, dual-function, removes 99.9% of bacteria, viruses and fungi, with protection and working time counter

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Lamp UV-C STERILON FLOW 72W ST for safe indoor airflow disinfection and direct disinfection of surfaces with a working time counter and additional protection against opening.

Airflow disinfection

Modern airflow disinfection is a safe process consisting in UV-C radiation of the air inside the UV-C lamp. Thanks to forced circulation, polluted air flows through the disinfection chamber, where it is irradiated and cleaned, and then the clean air is forced out. Since in the process of flow disinfection , UV-C radiation does not leak outside the device, the STERILON FLOW lamps can be safely used in rooms where there are people. In the UV-C STERILON FLOW 72W ST model, the opening of the shutters is additionally secured with a special socket screw.

Direct disinfection

The UV-C STERILON FLOW lamps are dual-function - after removing the covers of fluorescent lamps, the lamp can be used to disinfect the direct surface. Direct disinfection consists in irradiating the surfaces requiring cleaning with UV-C rays. You have to keep safety in mind. Do not be within the range of direct floodlights emitting ultraviolet UV-C light.

Safe disinfection of indoor air and surfaces

STERILON FLOW UV-C lamps clean with both flow and direct disinfection using UV-C rays. The UV-C ultraviolet light effectively removes viruses, bacteria, fungi from the environment and destroys the DNA of any microorganisms that are exposed to irradiation.

The UV-C STERILON FLOW 72W ST model has a built-in operating time meter, which allows for a precise assessment of the consumption of fluorescent lamps.

Basic parameters decontamination lamp UV-C STERILON FLOW 72 W :

flow air disinfection
two-way direct surface disinfection
light: ultraviolet UV-C
lamp power: 72 W
air flow: 160 m3 / h
dust filter - as standard
place for a HEPA filter
additional anti-opening protection
lifetime of fluorescent lamps: 9,000 h
working time counter
maximum recommended volume of the sanitized room - flow disinfection - approx. 75 m3
irradiation area - direct disinfection - from a distance of 1m - 7 m2 (one direction) or 2 x 7 m2 (two directions)
UV-C Wavelength: 253.7 nm
voltage: 220-240 V
tightness degree: IP20
power cord length: 3 m
ON-OFF switch
device dimensions - 160/220/724 mm
device weight - 6.6 kg

Product features

Disinfecting agent : ultraviolet light UV-C
Disinfection method : direct and air flow
Maks. room volume : 75 m3
Max. disinfection area: 14 m2
Air flow: 160 m3/h
Work in the presence of people : Yes
ECO mode : No
Exposure directions: two
Working time counter : Yes
Device power : 72 W
Power supply: 220 - 240 V