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Brand: Texi


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Texi Master - professional, high efficient steamer with elegant design. Decorates every place. High power 1.700 W and unique 9-level adjustable evaporation intensity with the use of remote control provide convenient, fast and economical operation. No need to use ironing board. It is easy to use, compact and mobile. Steam smoothes out creases, refreshes textiles, removes dirt and allergens, neutralizes odors.
Perfect for ironing hanging clothes, curtains and net curtains, refreshing leather and suede, upholstery and carpets. Indispensable for ironing delicate fabrics, garments with sequins, beads, ruffles and other applications which make pressing the iron impossible. Does not scorch or shine fabrics. Equipped with a special attachment for brushing or crease ironing.
Designed for sewing atelier, clothing shops, laundries, hotels, theatres. Thanks to the professional efficiency it will satisfy even the most demanding household user. Shortens the strenuous ironing to minimum.
Hot steam effectively removes the smell of cigarette smoke from curtains, net curtains and upholstery. Recommended for allergy sufferers because the high temperature of steam kills bacteria, fungi and saprophytes.
Housing and steam brush made of impact resistant plastic.

Technical specification and equipment:
- voltage 220-240V
- power 1.700 W
- 9-level steam intensity control (450 W - 1.700 W) with the use of remote control or via control panel on the housing
- ready to work after 1 min 45 sec
- large water tank 1.8 l allows up to 3 hours work with just one filling
- water tank can be removed just within a second from device and conveniently refilled
- special attachment for ironing crease of trousers, jacket flaps, together with a brush for refreshing bristle materials and removing fine dirt
- rotating, folding clothes hanger in standard
- automatic power cut-off, in case of lack of water, prevents damage of the steamer
- packing dimensions 41.00 x 27.00 x 41.00 cm
- weight with packaging 6.60 kg

You can use tap water, but during intense use softened water will extend service-free operation.

Available also in colours: prestige blue metallic, bordeaux red metallic, gold metallic.

Product features

Remote control: Yes
Power of steamer: 1700 W
Water tank capacity: 1.8 l