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LED lamp for household sewing machines - 230 V, 2 W

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Brand: Texi


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LED lamp for household machines TEXI LED BA15D with base BA15D (so-called bayonet).
Power of only 2 W gives much better (brighter and whiter) light than in case of the older counterpart - 15-watt bulb. Diodes used in the manufacture of LED lamps are characterized by high luminous efficiency with minimum energy consumption. Save up to 90% energy compared to traditional light bulbs. Unlike fluorescent bulbs and halogen lighting, LEDs achieves full power at the time of inflammation and is resistant to frequent switching on and off.


- base type: BA15D
- power consumption: 2 W (equivalent of 20 W in traditional bulb)
- voltage: 220 - 230 V
- color: cool 6500 K
- view angle: 360 °
- aproximate number of ON/OFF cycles > 120.000
- lifetime: 20,000 hours
- capacity: 80 LM / W
- dimensions: (L x W.): 45x15 mm
- certificates: CE, ROHS
- energy efficiency class A +