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2, 3, 4, 5-thread coverlock and overlok 2in1 machine for all kind of fabrics

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Brand: Texi


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Texi Integra 5 - the machine which combines 2 functions: overlock and coverlock plus it has 17 different kinds of stitches. The overlock function is used to simultaneously overcast and stitch together the edges of the sewn fabric. The coverlock function allows to overcast using ladder and chain stitch.

This machine gives you unlimited possibilities to realize a project on a professional level. Thanks to Texi Integra 5 you will improve the quality of sewn clothes and other projects.

The colourful threading scheme and clear manual gives confidence that the machine is easy to use.

Main functions:
17 kinds of stitches:
1. Cover stitch
2. 5-thread safety overcasting
3. 4-thread safety overcasting
4. 2-thread chain stitch
5. 4-thread overcasting
6. 3-thread overcasting (wide)
7. 3-thread overcasting (narrow)
8. 3-thread overlock (wide)
9. 3-thread overlock (narrow)
10. 3-thread decorative overcasting (wide)
11. 3-thread crimped overlock
12. 3-thread crimped overlock (hem)
13. 2-thread overcasting (wide)
14. 2-thread overcasting (narrow)
15. 2-thread ovelock (wide)
16. 2-thread ovelock (narrow)
17. 2-thread crimped overlock

These accessories are in the box:
1. Needle 3 pcs
2. Cover stitch prevent cutting plate
3. Cover stitch needle plate
4. Cover stitch presser foot
5. Spool disc
6. Lower knife
7. Guide bar
8. Brush
9. Tweezers
10. Screwdriver(S)
11. Screwdriver(M)
12. Screwdriver(L)
13. Two-thread convertor
14. Multi-function screwdriver


Number of threads: 2, 3, 4 or 5 threads
Overedge stitch width: 6,7 mm
Needle: HA1-SP, HA ×1(130/705H) / 12 / 80
Stitch length: 1-4 mm
Stitching speed: up to 1200 stitches per minute
Presser foot lift: up to 4 mm
Differential feed ratio: 0.7 – 2.0
Dimensions: 360 mm (s) × 380 mm (g) × 380 mm (w)
Weigth: 9,2 kg

Voltage: 230V

3 years warranty

Product features

Type of control: mechanical
Overlock number of threads : 2, 3, 4, 5
Hemstitch (rolled hem): Yes
Waste container: Yes
Free arm: Yes
Needle system: HAX1