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TEXI EMBROIDERY 130/705 H-E 3x75, 2x90
Embroidery needles for household machines, 5 pcs, size 75x3, 90x2

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Brand: Texi


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TEXI needles for embroidery.
With light ball point and especially wide eye and groove in relation to the UNIVERSAL NEEDLE to accommodate voluminous threads and woollen threads.

1 box = 5 needles on card
Outer box = 20 cards x 5 needles

They fit to the most types of household sewing machines.

You will remember easily! System of colored needles.
- color of the card indicates use of a needle, type of material to be sewn
- color on needle shank means: upper - use of the needle; bottom - needle thickness

In order to easier identify of needles for household machines, producent applies the coloured marks on the shank cone:
UNIVERSAL (STANDARD) - without marks
STRETCH - yellow colour
JERSEY BALL POINT (WITH BALL) - for jersey and knitted fabrics - orange colour
JEANS/DENIM - blue colour
LEATHER - brown colour
MICROTEX (for microfase and silk) - violet colour
QUILTING (for quilt and patchworks) - green colour
EMBROIDERY (with bigger eye for embroidery) - red colour
METALLIC - pink colour

Product features

Needle for sewing: embroidery

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