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TEXI 4077 L
Cutting set in, L size

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Set of sewing accessories for cutting - rotary knife and self-healing mat.

Buying in a set you save 10%!

The TEXI 4077 L kit includes:

5-layer self-healing mat with centimeter/inch scale - DW-12121 GREEN
Mat with marked angles and parallel lines measuring 90x60cm. Made of special plastic, which self-cuts after cutting, leaving the mat still smooth. Double-sided, which further extends its service life. Perfect for cutting out patchwork elements.

60 mm rotary knife, DELUXE VERSION - DW-RC060
For cutting out elements in various types of handicraft projects (patchwork, cutting from paper, fabrics, leather, vinyl). 60 mm blade made of high quality steel, durable and very sharp. Contoured handle with a soft cushion, perfectly fits the hand. Safety lock and blade guard. Replaceable blades available.
It allows for precise and accurate cutting of fabric, leather, skayu and paper elements.

The set significantly facilitates cutting and allows for accurate measuring of cut elements. A set in size L dedicated to large and professional projects and people who deal with sewing and patchwork.

Self-regenerating plastic standard
Mat dimensions: 60 x 45 cm
Mat thickness: 3 mm
Knife blade diameter: 60 mm

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