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Stitch Has No Nationality - People
Stitch Has No Nationality - People
Stitch Has No Nationality - People
Stitch Has No Nationality - People
Stitch Has No Nationality - People

Texprocess 2017 – Thank you!

#Texprocess #Strimacom and #StitchHasNoNationality. These 3 sentences sum up our presence at Texprocess 2017 trade fair in Frankfurt. We set the bar high, presenting symbolically just one machine. However, our presence could not stay unnoticed.

LOVE, FRIENDSHIP, PEACE, COMPROMISE, FASHION, MUSIC and even MONEY do not have nationality. Many people forget about it, forget history of the World. Whoever forgets history will be doomed to repetition. The social campaign – Stitch Has No Nationality proved that many of you think and feel like us. We want to enjoy the differences and use the privilege of being part of an industry that rejoices in the beauty of diversity.

During these 4 days each of you could join us and our way of thinking. And there were many of you. Everyone, who participated in our action can find themselves on our dedicated website and in social media channels (Instagram and Facebook). Luckily, the end of the trade fairs is not the end of our mission. We will continue our actions and spread the positive vibes of our campaign. It’s still not too late to join in. You just have to post a photo on your Facebook or Instagram with #StitchHasNoNationality tag, or send it to us by email – marketing@strima.com

We want to thank all the guests for the great support, wonderful conversations, shared opinions and experiences. Because of you, our presentation will make a history :)

See photoreports of our Stitch Has No Nationality Stand and the Meeting in Mon Amie Maxi

Stitch Has No Nationality - People

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