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Buy cheaper, thanks to our Partnership Program. Collect points and free the discounts.

Earn Strima Partnership Points worth up to 8% of each purchase.

Earn Strima Partnership Point worth up to 8% of product price by making an order on, for any of our products. Apply these points towards your next purchase for a reduction of the product price or accumulate these points for bigger savings up to 70% of product price maximum. You decide.

The level of the discount depends on the points amount and the value of the purchased products.

How to collect the Points?

When you create an account in our e-shop you'll receive 5.000 starting points valued 75,00 PLN. Each time you shop at you'll get additional Strima Partnership Program Points, eg. when buying sewing machine TEXI BALLERINA valued , you are getting valued PLN. You'll receive 30% discount after gathering 10.000 points, 50% after gathering 50.000 points and 70% after gathering 100.000 points.


  • While shopping at you've managed to collect 15.000 Strima Partnership Program Points. Thereby you've earned GOLD status and now are able to get up to 30% discount.

    Let's say you want to buy industrial iron STEAM MASTER. Normally you should pay: , but you are in the Program so you'll be able to pay only: .

SPP statuses


status JUNIOR

5000 points worth 75PLN!
Log in or register!

10000 points

status GOLD

Gold status
Allows you to pay in points
for 30% of the value of orders

50000 points


Platinum status
Allows you to pay in points
for 50% of the value of orders

100000 points

status DIAMOND

Diamond status
Allows you to pay in points
for 70% of the value of orders

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Frequently Asked Questions

Regulations of the Strima Partnership Program

General provisions

1.Participation in the Strima Partnership Program (hereinafter referred to as "the Program"), is tantamount to acceptance of these regulations. These provisions are subject to change.
2.The program is intended only for customers of e-shop. Only a Member named on the account will be entitled access to personal account information.
3.Accumulated Points of the Strima Partnership Program (hereinafter referred to as "the Points") do not constitute property of a Member and have no value outside of the Program. Granted Points may be withdrawn at any time, in accordance with these regulations. The Points can not be exchanged for cash.
4.Personal data of Program Participants are used in accordance with the privacy policy (see Security of personal data ).
5.Strima reserves the right to exclude any Member uses the Program in a manner inconsistent with these regulations. Exclusion from participation in the Program may result in the loss of all earned Points.
6.Strima reserves the right to modify or temporarily or permanently suspend the Program, for any reason, without prior notice to Members.

Membership in the Program

7.To become a Member of the Program simply create an Account on

Earning of the Points

8.The Program allows to earn the Points for purchases on but not includes purchases with installment or leasing.
9.Each Member of the Program receives at the start 5000 Points as a bonus.
10.For every purchases on, a Member will earn the Points worth up to 8% of the net value of ordered goods. The Points earned in this way, can be used to pay for a next orders (in terms of membership status).
11.The Points are awarded to each Member individually. The Points for each completed online order will be credited to Member’s account within 14 days after the receipt of payment for the issued invoice / receipt.
In case of delayed payment for invoice with postponed payment, the Points will not be awarded. For purchases with discounts resulting from previously earned Points, Member does not receive new Points.
12.The Points for internet purchases will be calculated based on the rates applicable at the time of ordering.

Validity of the Points

13.In order to verify the actual number of the Points and their expiration date Member must log in to account on
14.The Points accrued on the Member’s account will be maintained in the account until they are used or until they expire (whichever occurs first).
15.The Points earned in one calendar year remain valid until December 31st of the next calendar year thereafter. Expiring Points in each calendar year must be used no later than December 31st. Expiring Points that are not used are void and deleted from Member’s account. The exception is the 5.000 points that are provided to Program Participants' during registration of the account.

Realization of the Points

16.To use Points, log into Member’s account while shopping at When finalizing your purchase (cart), you will be given the option to use the Points collected. ATTENTION! In order to use Points, you must collect at least 10,000 points on your account - that is, to the 5,000 Points received for the start, you must collect at least 5,000 for purchases in the Strima store.
17.Members of the Program can use the Points to lower the value of the orders. The maximum value of the discount depends on the membership status:
Gold status allows to pay in points up to 30% of the value of orders
Platinum status allows to pay in points up to 50% of the value of orders
Diamond status allows to pay in points up to 70% of the value of orders
18.Membership status changes automatically when during the calendar year a Member earns respectively:
Gold status - min. 10 000 Points
Platinum status - min. 50 000 Points
Diamond status - min. 100 000 Points
Membership status at the beginning of particular calendar year doesn't change if during the previous calendar year, Membership collected in the account points suitable for particular status.
19.To status changing count both the Points already used, as well as those remaining in the account during the calendar year.