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Strima Strima

“There is a great deal of tradition surrounding STRIMA, after all we are active for over 25 years. But tradition is not everything, it is all about details and hard facts. Strima has 70 suppliers all over the world, we are selling to 88 countries, we have well-stocked warehouse and team of amazing coworkers, people who gave their heart to this company, this market and those customers. “

Paweł Broński, CEO in STRIMA

88 countries
to which we sell to

countries where
they do not know us yet


Our mission

You are looking for professional equipment that will help you create truly effective and modern sewing room? In Strima we invest our knowledge and heart to give you the solutions you need to succeed.

For more than 28 years we have provided constant guidance and support for everyone who searches for professional sewing, ironing, fusing and cutting equipment. While buying at our Strima.com website you can count on our experience and knowledge.

Strima supplies sewing solutions for TV show "Project Runway" and "Art and Fashion Forum" in Stary Browar.

Runway & AFF

Looking for products that help you improve your business? Ask our super-friendly Strima team: sales@strima.com

Annually we sell

17 233

sewing machines

4 683 935


7 718

fusing & ironing devices

1 730

cutting devices

77 281


15 558

sewing room equipement

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