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S5 Orange
Protective glove, universal 5-digits, 5-size (orange) type SL 55

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Stainless steel protective gloves were designed and made according to European standards EN 1082-1, in order to ensure the optimal hands' safety. They have the following certificates: GS (German geprufte Sicherheit), CE (European Certificate), B (Polish safety sign). Mesh gloves CHAINEX SL offers a certain level of protection against stab wounds or cuts occuring during all work operation when the removable blade moves dangerously closed to the operator's hands. Using gloves is particularly required during operations with straight knife machines in textile, leather and paper industry, during fitted carpets laying, and also in slaughterhouses, in meat processing, in canteens etc. They are made from stainless steel. The glove is universal, it fits to the right and left hand (just rewind).
S5 (strap in orange colour) - extra-large size. The rest sizes you can find below.

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