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Powder for cleaning belts (can of 250 g)

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Rollax is a powdered pure silicone cleaner which has been developed to remove adhesive residue from operating surfaces of:
a) continuous fusing machines
b) fusing plate press
c) irons

In addition, when used regularly, acts as a release agent, reducing further sticking of adhesive to operating surfaces and preserving PTFE-coated belts and plates. Rollax contains highly viscous silicone and thus improves mould release. Contains neither solvents nor toxic chemicals. Also, it does not damage machine surfaces or materials being fused. Does not absorb humidity. It is simple in use, economic and forceful.

How to use:
- turn on a device
- heat up cleaned surfaces
- sprinkle or smear by Rollax
- wait until its dissolution and penetration into adhesive residues
- wiped cleaned surfaces to dry with a soft cloth