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Audaces IDEA - user's license

Brand: Audaces

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Audaces IDEA is a modern tool for clothing design. Audaces IDEA allows you to visualize the collection already at the conceptual stage. It helps you to optimize your design in terms of styling, ergonomics and finance.

Audaces - program for designing clothes

By working with Audaces IDEA software, you save time, material and money. Audaces IDEA enables constant monitoring of the profitability of production, calculating the expected costs of used fabrics, machines and labor. Thanks to the possibility of their ongoing modification, it helps in achieving the assumed financial plan. The program allows you to edit and introduce conceptual changes, such as changing materials, accessories, shapes, colors and patterns. When preparing a collection with Audaces IDEA, you not only avoid unnecessary costs, but also significantly save time.

Audaces IDEA fashion design program

Audaces IDEA is a comprehensive tool supporting the entire process of preparing the production of clothing. Thanks to the program, you can manage your collections more efficiently, control and optimize production costs and shorten the time of preparing a new collection by up to 75%.

Main features of Audaces IDEA:
- creating stylized sketches using 2D mannequins,
- importing graphics to be used in the created project,
- refinement and optimization of the design in terms of styling, ergonomics and finance,
- library of ready-made patterns and the ability to define your own,
- simulation of production costs at the concept development stage,
- automatic creation of technological cards,
- efficient management of collections,
- import of 3D projects after using the 4D program.

Training FREE!
The Audaces IDEA license is available individually, for an indefinite period or as part of the Audaces 360 multifunctional service, with an option to renew.

To create a complete design and production supporting tool, think about:
- Audaces DIGIFLASH - the world's fastest, precise pattern digitizing system,
- Audaces APPAREL EXPERT - software supporting construction, modeling, grading as well as creating and optimizing markers,
- Audaces JET LUX PLUS - fast, 2-head inkjet plotter
- Audaces 360 - a platform supporting implementation of all phases of creating a new product, from the early stages of design and construction to production and logistics. The complete Audaces 360 system includes the following products: ISA, 4D, IDEA, DIGIFLASH, PATTERN, MARKER and SUPERA, converters for cooperation with other CAD / CAM systems, constant support, trainings, updates, designs, and patterns of clothing – enabled monthly and ready for download and use in your company.
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