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PRIMULA Steam generator

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Brand: Primula


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Automatic, process steam generator, efficiency 26-52kgs of steam per hour, designed for supplying central steam lines, steam presses, dummies, toppers. Heaters power 39kW [two independently turned on sections, 19,5kW each], working pressure 6 bars, stainless steel boiler. Boiler functions electronically controlled, touch buttons keyboard. Complete with a 75 liters stainless steel tank for the soft feed water and condensate, with a built-in high efficiency rotor pump 0,7kM. 3- phase power supply 400V/50Hz.
The SG generators series meets safety standards and official regulations being tested by TÜV and carry the TRD801 - TRD802 certificates as well as well as the CE conformity certification.

Product features

Type of generator: automatic
Quantity of supported stands: central steam source
Boiler capacity: 50 l
Boiler power of steam generator: 39 kW
Working pressure of steam generator: 6 bar