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OSHIMA continuous fusing machine

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Brand: Oshima


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New generation, highly efficient continuous fusing machines especially designed for uncompromising users. The belts width 60 cm. Powerful pressure up to 6kg/cm^2 and the electronic temperature control (up to 230 °C) assure excellent [smooth and durable] join of the fabric with fliselin or interlining. Laminating is also possible. The super cooling system of fused elements stabilizes them immediately and prevents the deformation. Synchronized work of mechanical scrapers with properly steered compressed air blowing prevent the interlining clinging the belts. Heaters power 7,8 kW, voltage 400 V, fusing time 5-34 sec. Compressed air necessary.

Product features

Belts width: 60 cm
Heater power of continuous fusing machine: 7.8 kW
Max. pressure: 6 kg/cm2