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OSHIMA continuous fusing machine

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Brand: Oshima


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The most popular, universal continuous fusing machine.

- the belts width 45 cm
- one side open machine makes possible fusing the fabric width larger than the width of belt. It is also possible to fuse on the edges without the neccesity of thermal processing whole the surface of fabric. Maximum dressing width 44cm
- maximum pressure 1,5kg/cm^2
- electronic temperature control assure even and durable join of the fabric with fliselin or interlining
- rotary scrapers prevent the interlining clinging to the belts
- heaters power 3,6 kW
- voltage 230V
- fusing time 5-34 sec
- maximum temperature 230 Celsius

The machine is adapted for work without the stand or with convenient stand - OP-450GS STAND.

Product features

Belts width: 45 cm
Heater power of continuous fusing machine: 3.6 kW
Max. pressure: 1.5 kg/cm2

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