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NO.60 COPPER 130
Copper wire screen, plain woven, 130cm wide

40.36 USD

#GM_(7948) +308 P / m^2 #GM_(9485)
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All metal wire screens can be used as final covers on upper press plates. In order to avoid shine you may fix up to 3 layers of metal wire screen to the press. Moreover metal wire screens are used as steam diffusers (No.20, No.50) and filters (No.50, No.60) by putting them directly upon the metal press plates. Depending on the mesh No. (No.50 = wide, No.60 = medium, No.100 = tight) and the weaving method (plain/smooth or twill woven) the metal wire screens are suitable for different kinds of clothing and machines. On strongly vaulted presses only the twill woven wire screen should be used, because of its better distortion ability.
Copper wire screen No.60, smooth, plain woven, is used on the upper plate of presses as final cover and as a steam diffusing filter layer. Not shapeable like twill woven wire screen mesh but smoother. Length of roll ca. 10 meters.

Product features

Type of pad / cover: polyester and metal wire screen
Cover for: ironing table, pressing machine