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Contest "Strima Christmas Tree Decoration 2017"

Make yourself a gift for Christmas - enjoy sewing your decor and win a sewing machine! :)

Contest "Strima Christmas Tree Decoration 2017"

Sew a Christmas tree decoration, either by hand, or on a sewing machine. Take fabric, paper, felt, fluffy feathers... whatever your imagination will tell you. Pack it up and send to us.

If your decoration will be the best one, You will win a sewing machine Texi Ballerina. The most interesting works we will be shown on www.strima.com. We invite everyone with a head full of ideas and willingness to make something special :)

Attention! At Your request we extended the term of the contest.
Decorations should be delivered till 12.12.2017 (the date of the postmark decides). The contest will be settled before Christmas. All decorations, like every year, will decorate our Christmas tree in Swadzim. Watch the movie from last year how we decorated our Christmas tree. 

Download the application form (PDF)

Download a Contest regulations

Please send your works with application form to:
Strima Sp. z o.o.
Swadzim, ul. Poznańska 54
62-080 Tarnowo Podgórne, Poland
with a note: "Strima Christmas Tree Decoration 2017"


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