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Automatic spreading machine, complete with the table 12 m

Brand: Oshima

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OSHIMA K9 machine guarantees easy and tension free spreading of woven and knitted fabrics, both the rolled and folded ones (both options are standard equipment). It is possible to spread right side up with cutting or zig-zag (without cutting) face to face.

K9 distinguishes: arch mechanism that ensures perfect spreading of elastic materials, a special system of a dynamic non-tension material feeding control - important during knitted fabrics spreading, automatic edge alignment during feeding-out and spreading, smooth and safe truck speed regulation, truck accel- and deceleration control in the extreme positions, adjustable cutter head travel length and speed.
The roll feeding a material is divided into 8 elements. Their differential system guarantees smooth material spreading. Programmable by touch panel display. Equipped with riding platform for an operator.

Technical specification:
- voltage 230V/50Hz
- power 1KW
- machine weight 360 kg
- lay height 220 mm one way, 150 mm face to face
- maximum spreading speed 86 m/min
- maximum diameter of cloth roll 450 mm
- maximum weight of cloth roll 60 kg
- maximum cloth width 210 cm

Spreading machine at the full strength with 12 m table (10 segments, 1.2 m each). Two segments equipped with blowing. Table width 2,33 m.

Note: all options described above are standard (serial) equipment.
Specifications may change without prior notice.

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Product features

Lay height - one way: 220 mm
Lay height - face to face: 150 mm
Max. width of material: 210 cm
Max. weight of material roll: 60 kg
Max. diameter of material roll: 45 cm
Maximum laying speed: 86 m/min
Operator's position: Right side
Riding platform for operator: Yes
Touch screen: Yes
Arc mechanism: Yes
Feeding Roll: Yes
Machine with table: Yes
Table with blowing: Yes
Length of the table: 12 m
Table width: 2.33 m
Power: 1 kW
Power supply: 230 V