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Multifunctional sewing machine, 19 stitch programs

Brand: Janome

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JANOME 725S is an extremely durable and reliable multi-functional sewing machine. Is the successor of the great, very popular and praised 525S model, which for several years of market presence has won the hearts of many satisfied users. All the features of the Janome 525S machine were preserved when creating its successor. First of all, they are: reinforced construction ensuring durability and reliability of the device, easy, intuitive operation and great comfort during sewing, thanks to numerous amenities.

The user has 23 most needed and most often used stitch programs, among them straight stitches, zigzag, blind stitch, overlock stitch, decorative stitches. The stitch length can be adjusted up to 4 mm and the width up to 5 mm. Buttonhole is automatic - just set its width and let the machine do the rest of the task.

Anyone who has ever encountered problems with material transport while sewing will appreciate the adjustable presser foot pressure. Thanks to this function, Janome 725S copes with sewing any material: fabric, knitwear, leather or felt. It is impossible not to mention here also other elements of the machine equipment that definitely increase the comfort of sewing. These include, above all, a needle threader, a convenient thread cutter, and in addition a free arm that facilitates sewing, among others sleeves and legs, irreplaceable Matic system or double needle sewing.

The modernized successor of Janome 525S will meet the expectations of a wide audience. Thanks to its very solid construction, durability and reliability combined with intuitive operation, the Janome 725S is great for sewing at home, for personal use. It will certainly not disappoint during sewing courses, in the tailor's workshop or in cottage work, where the device's high power and high reliability count. Beginners, as well as those who already have extensive experience in sewing, can use this machine without fear. With the 725S you can make friends for years.

Main machine functions:

- 23 stitch programs available, including utility, covered, elastic, overlock, decorative and buttonhole
- Automatic buttonhole
- Maximum speed: 860 punctures per minute
- Smooth stitch width adjustment - up to 5 mm
- Smooth stitch length adjustment - up to 4 mm
- Foot pressure adjustment - 4 positions
- Double needle sewing option
- Reverse sewing possible
- Built-in knife for cutting threads on the machine housing
- Built-in needle threader
- Upper thread tension adjustment
- Built-in spool
- Rotary hook
- Work area lighting - LED
- Free arm for easy sewing of legs and sleeves
- 4 stages transport
- Transport off
- Snap-on feet - Matic system
- Reinforced construction

Accessories included:

- Foot for automatic buttonhole (rotary hook)
- Janome long hole foot (rotary)
- Blind stitch foot with adjustable guide (rotary)
- Foot for overlock stitch (rotary hook)
- Zipper foot (rotary hook)
- Universal foot Janome (rotary hook)
- Spools (4 pcs)
- Needle set (3x75, 2x90)
- Additional vertical spool pin
- Bobbin lock (small and large)
- Felt spool pad
- The ripper
- screwdriver
- Cleaning brush
- Stiff suitcase
- Foot controller with cable

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