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Strima - The Ironing Festival 2005

Strima, Lodz, Poland, 13-15.10.2005

"Ironing & spots removal"
Battistella, Primula, Krebs
Zeus, Topper, Krebs 600
Ironing tables section
Andromeda, Ares, Egeo, Era, Flex, Nettuno, PFP, Urano Maxi, Vulcano, Vulcano Rectangular, T220P Chrom
Steam generators section
Barbara, Ecovapor, Plutone, Saturnino, Saturno, Vaporbaby, Vaporino, Vapormat
Irons & brushes section
Dublo, Due-N, HE, Jolly, Speedy, Steam Master
Special program
"Good suction - good ironing" — everything you need to know about the ironing covers.
"Innovative solutions for spots removal"
Director of the Festival
Bozena Baran

The promoter ensures surprises, awards & special, 10% lower instrument prices. Play what you want! Free entrance, feel invited.

Special program


Brushes & irons

Only during the Ironing Festival - 10% discount for all machines & devices!

Access form


You will need a free Adobe Reader viewer to open a PDF document. If you still haven't got it, download the program from the producer's website, first choosing your language and operating system.

APPLICATION SHEET - download, print, fill in & send by fax, not later than 11.10.2005

Strima Sp. z o.o.
Lodz branch
ul.Szczecinska 55a
91-222 Lodz, POLAND
tel. +48 42 6405043, +48 42 6527939
fax +48 42 6527945