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IMB Fair - Koln 2003

From 6th up to 10th of May in Cologne [Germany] the IMB Show was taking place. Strima participated in the show third time already. There we presented the logistic sale possibilities of our internet shop, machines and accessories offered by us - but first of all Ergolinia and new System Pro - industrial rotary chairs with imagination. Details concerning System Pro you can find today on the special neutral information website Visit us!

The Fair Opening:

Opening of the IMB Fair 2003.

Our stand:

IMB 2003 - Strima's stand.

News from our suppliers:

Among others MAIER boasted of the following machines: class 230 RPA - the new roll-padding automatic machine allowing fully automatic roll-padding in front parts of jackets, a perfect equipment for the series fabrications of high quality coats and jackets as well; class 660 - single thread blind stitch spot taking machine - the machine for innumerable fields of aplications: jackets, trousers, dresses, pullovers and sweaters, shirts, shawls and scarfs, neckties.

What's new by Maier on IMB?

For OSHIMA company, the producer of fusing presses, the fair is a special holiday - for the first time we saw their automatic spreading machine for knitted and woved fabrics. OSHIMA KS-3. The machine guarantees easy and tension free spreading of materials, both the rolled and folded ones. KS-3 has a special material spreading system - the main roll is divided into 8 elements differential system, which guarantees smooth material spreading. It is series equipped with a tension free adjuster. Programmable by touch panel display.

What's new by Oshima on IMB?

IPT - the producer of the greatest plate fusing presses presented a special cuff and collar fusing press.
PFAFF - experience and quality: presented an integrated sewing unit for programmed sleeve setting (3834-14/21) and an automatic sewing machine for stitching (joining) small parts (9083-3/99).
SIRUBA - chainstitch and lockstitch sewing machines - PK-533-C - an electronic pattern sewing machine.

IMB 2003

We want to say thanks to all our Guests and Friends, who visited our stand during IMB 2003 in Cologne for: interest, sincere sympathy and your approval. We were honoured by Your visit.