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29-12-2020Daily Decreasing Discounts

Daily Decreasing Discounts

01.01.2021 - 30%
02.01.2021 - 29%
03.01.2021 - 28%
15.01.2021 - 16%

Daily Decreasing Discounts

From 1st of January 2021, all items in stock will be discounted by up to 30%..
To buy modern sewing machines, reliable ironing equipment and smart sewing accessories at the best prices, you have to hurry up - every day the discount will be reduced by 1%.

The promotion Daily decreasing discounts applies to all purchases made trough our e-shop, e-mail orders, phone orders, and stationary purchases at Strima headquarters in Swadzim and the branch in Łódź!
Hurry up, shop at discounted prices and enjoy the highest quality sewing machines and the best tailoring equipment!

ACTION RULES: Daily decreasing discounts
From 01.01.2021 to 15.01.2021

How to buy ?
- via online store:
- by e-mail:
- by phone: 61 8 950 950 (8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.)
- Strima: Swadzim near Poznań, ul. Poznańska 54 (8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.)

Payment methods
- prepayment

Products covered by the promotion are granted a discount of up to 30%. Discount depends on a customer's status. The discount changes daily - it decreases every day by 1%.
The "Daily Decreasing Discounts" promotion cannot be combined with any other discounts.
The promotion applies only to goods in stock.
Payments for orders placed during the "Daily decreasing discounts" action should be made within a maximum of 2 working days. Lack of payment within this time will automatically cancel the order.
Customer's cancellation of orders placed just before the "Daily decreasing discounts" action, or return of goods purchased by 31.12.2020 23:59, will block the possibility to place orders for goods covered by the promotion.
Promotional prices "Daily decreasing discounts" do not apply to customers with overdue payments..

FIRST COME FIRST SERVED! We do not reserve the goods!