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19-12-2018 Strima Christmas Meeting 2018

 Strima Christmas Meeting 2018

Christmas meeting of employees, retirees and friends Strima company is already a tradition. We meet each year to sum up the passing year and spend a nice time enjoying delicious food and music.This year, the attraction was a magnificent view of the city from the 15th floor of the Mus Bar & View restaurant.

 Strima Christmas Meeting 2018

For a traditional Christmas dinner, we invited Strima's employees, retirees and friends to the modern and hospitable interiors of the MUS Bar & View restaurant. The main theme was, of course, Christmas and summary of 2018, but also the 100th anniversary of independence of Poland, our homeland. This anniversary is a great opportunity to emphasize work and achievements of our employees as important factor of patriotism in times of peace. For the modern type of patriotism, Strima Management awarded all permanent employees with a commemorative gold coin minted by the National Bank of Poland on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of independence.

Tomasz Chrzstek became the employee of the Year 2018. We warmly congratulate him on work results and receiving special bonus. Dawid Gadzaa and Pawe Lipiski also entered the podium of professional achievements in 2018.

Fortune rewarded Marta who got an ounce of pure gold.
We have also not forgotten our retirees who have created Strima's success from the very beginning of the company's existence in the most difficult conditions.
We greeted new employees with a silver Strima badge and wishes for a new way of professional existence. Our youth also had the opportunity to fill the picture of Strima's history with their autographs, literally entering its golden framework.
In the evening elegance competition Joanna Szczotka won for class and style, Janusz Koza for modernity and originality.

The food was modern and good, the service at a high level, and the view of Poznan from the top floor of the Baltic building raised the level of experience. Our evening was musically covered by gentle sounds of Magda Cichocka Quartet.

Thank you all for your help and presence. Thanks to you it was just great.

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