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06-10-201610th Art & Fashion Forum - 10 times with Strima

10th Art & Fashion Forum - 10 times with Strima

Art & Fashion Forum by Grayna Kulczyk is a unique mix of creative workshops and meetings with the most influential figures from the fashion, art and technology industries. It is one of the most important fashion events in Poland.

10th Art & Fashion Forum - 10 times with Strima

Thousands of people have already participated in the workshops and the Open University lectures. Visionaries, experts and champions in different fields were among the guests of AFF.

It is being an honor and pleasure to be part of this great event since its beginning. Because most fashion works begins with a sewing project! Strima supports the contest of fashion students – the best one win a scholarship in London, at famous Central Saint Martins, with Texi sewing machines: Texi Ballerina, Texi Tronic and overlock machine Texi Quattro. Texi Smart S+B will be there too within accesories.

The theme of this year is “Different = Irreplaceable. It calls for us to all embrace each other’s differences and help bring about a future where people are celebrated for their uniqueness and individuality, sentiments that I entirely agree with” said Nick Knight, one of the curators of this edition.

Our team was at the Atrium of Stary Browar from in Pozna17th to 27th of October, to help participants and chear them.

And at 29th, in the Final Gala, at Blow-Up Hall, we were all emotions. All the participants, from all workshops – fashion writing, fashion illustration, fashion jewellery, fashion photograph and fashion designer – were there. They had 30 seconds to present their project. Only thirty seconds, from 10 days of hard working!

So many interesting new ideas, new points of view. As Mark Fast (the mentor of our workshop of fashion designer) said, “Can’t we reward them all?”. But the winner of the best fashion designer project was Jagoda Bartczak! She created a pattern for the fabric made of her illustrations and collage in a modern dress. Nice job girl, congratulations! Congratulations to all, you made a beautiful job.

See you next year!

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