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17-09-2016Good Evening Strima 25

Good Evening Strima 25

It was a special night. On 16th of September 2017, Edison Hotel was prepared with surprises for all the guests.

Good Evening Strima 25

Even the Polish weather cooperated with our party and over 300 guests decided to spend this time with us. In the reception, guests received our warm welcome gift and with prosecco, meanwhile were waiting for the event to start.

The mood was like a beautiful day in the party, with deckchair displayed in front of the stage . On the stage, Ocelot group presented delicate and acrobatic spectacle and let the public amazed with it. And to close, mesmerize laser show.

Twenty five partners were brought to the stage to receive our exclusive present: and piece of art titled “Dream of the Taylor”, a unique painting made special for the Strima 25 anniversary by Ewa Kutylak. Without forgetting our workers, those that are Strima team now, those that we are saying good bye, because are going to be retired, were also remembered for the good work, and friendship. The evening was also an excellent opportunity to distinguished people for the development of the company. Strima’s Golden Bagde received Joanna Waligrska. She is the 13th person in Strima's history awarded by this badge.

At the end of the official part we offered the guests to took their deckchair home as a gift. We didn’t except this will go so fast as after 5 minutes the ground was empty. Thank you for your help in disassembling the place.

And party is not a party without music and barbecue! Good food, a nice band for enclose this memorable night.

Thank you all so much.

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