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20-03-2016Never too much of good things - Texi on h+h Cologne

Never too much of good things -  Texi on h+h Cologne

From 18th to 20th of March 2016 another edition of h+h in Cologne was taking place. International Trade Fair commited to all sewing maniacs. Texi brand couldn't miss it. This year strong Strima team was in Cologne to answer all sewing questions.

Never too much of good things -  Texi on h+h Cologne

It's time to present our team (in alphabetical order and women priority):

Ela - she knows all 167 TEXI accessoriess like nobody else. Her great knowledge is a key to easy living of all hobbyists. Feet? Rulers? Measure tapes? Chalk? Pens and pencils? She knows it all, and it's all in one head.

Iza - home sewing hobbyist. Ballet Line and Joy series of Texi impressed her so much, that she stayed with her machine for the whole week. Intervention of the police helped, and after it she decided go home. She's on a suspended sentence now.

Maria - the ironing specialist . Texi Apollo, Smart S+B, Hestia and Texi Master steamers have no secrets from her. She knows every detail. She doesn't accept creases, and says strong NO to the wrinkles, not only to those on fabrics.

Marta - she loves fastening - that's why she uses TEXI 75S gun without warning. For our luck, she always use it with needle cover, and that's why there is no casualties yet.

Samia - Spirit chemical agents are her environment. She carries at least one of them with her every day. If she's not removing rust, she's probably removing stains. You're lucky if you have her as a friend.

Karol - industrial sewing machines are his business. He could talk about Texi lockstitch machines all the time, and he can thread overlock with covered eyes. You just need to ask him nicely, and he's all yours :)

Wojtek - embroidery machines TEXI 1501 TS and TEXI IRIS treats sentimentally. Some people say that it is more than just a friendship. Despite the rumours there's one fact - both machines opened up for Wojtek in a way that there's no secrets between them.

Roman - one of the Strima technicians. He knows everything. At least that's what he says, but we trust him. He always keeps tools in metal case, but his tweezer treats in a special way.

You could met all of us in Cologne from 18th to 20th of March. It was professional, sewing focused, and friendly. All machines were ready for tests. And for your love as well :) Thank you for your visits and great talks. It was a pleasure for us.

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