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14-08-2014Ptak Fashion Fair Expo - report

Ptak Fashion Fair Expo - report

On 29 - 31 of August Ptak International Fashion Fair Expo in Rzgw took place. Thank you for visits and for interesting conversations.

Ptak Fashion Fair Expo - report

This was a special exhibition for Strima. Durnig the event, polish premiere of ZOJE sewing machines was held. On the 90 square meters stand visitors was able to become familiar with selected industrial ZOJE machines, for example our price hits - the ZJ600 series overlock machines and the ZJ2500 series coverstitch machines (interlock), the ZJ9500 series lockstitch machines and could seek advice and assistance from our technical experts.

Also on display were Strima bestsellers - professional ironing and sewing equipment for home and atelier, cutting machines, software CAD produced by AUDACES.

See photoreport from International Ptak Expo Fashion Fair:

- 1st day (29.08.2014)

- 2nd day (30.08.2014)

- 3rd day (31.08.2014)