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04-09-2014Live Sewing Factory - report

Live Sewing Factory - report

Live Sewing Factory that run at the full steam during Poznan Fashion Fair has ended. We thank all who during three fair days actively participated in the process of clothes creation.

Live Sewing Factory - report

The big idea was to present to the visitors every aspect of the clothing production process in real time – during the fashion fair. Our Factory was a logical concept that showed how everything is falling into place in fashion - from designing, through grading and modeling on computer-aided system AUDACES , spreading on automatic machine OSHIMA K9-190 , cutting, sewing, ironing, to labeling.

Special guest at Strima Stand was a Project Runway finalist - Maciej Sieradzki. Especially for this event, he has created a strima&dzky bags and T-shirts, which were manufactured live in our Factory, during the whole Poznan Fashion Fair. The lucky ones, who showed up at our stand, had the opportunity to become owners of strima&dzky items.

See our photoreport from Sewing Factory live :)