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27-02-2011Strima 20 Grand Gala

Strima 20 Grand Gala

On Saturday, February 26th 2011, among the closest friends we have celebrated our 20th birthday. In the exceptional interiors of Poznan’s Blow Up Hall hotel we had fun, recollected our memories and dance until dawn. It was an unforgettable evening - thank you!

Strima 20 Grand Gala

We have prepared plenty of attractions, but it was you - our guests: customers, suppliers and employees - who caused that we will remember it for long.
The evening was opened by four persons who 20 years ago stared Strima's history: Edwarda Stonawska, Ewa Bronska, Roman Guderski i Pawe Bronski who was also the host of Gala. Owners were represented by Roland Stripp. Grzegorz Krotoski, author of the Strimatex (this was our first name) partnership contract, was also presence. After a solemn toast and a brief look at the 20-year history of the company, on the scene entered John Porter and Arek Krupa. Strong guitar combined with the gentile sound of the violin and velvet vocals set all guests in a good mood. Then the spotlight moved to the hotel's staircase, natural and beautiful scenery for a fashion show. We saw the collections of: Elwira Horosz ('Kokieteria' and 'Bombonierka'), Martyna Lipinska and Paulina Banaszewska ('Accomodamento' and 'Ene Duo'), Iwona Leliwa Kopystynska ('Carska Rosja') and Wernika Niezgoda ('NAVI'LAND'). Fashion show by young Polish designers aroused great excitement and was rewarded with a standing ovation. Apogee occurred during the presentation of men's collection, where the models were Janusz Koza (Strima technical service), Kamil Kaczmarek (Strima marketing), Karol Ciborowski (Strima export manager), Maciej Waligorski (Eti managing director), Michal Zakowski (Studjo graphic designer and programmer), Miha Stular (Strima Adria managing director), Ryszard Sklepik (Strima stock manager), Tomasz Zaton (Strima chief accountant), Tomaz Stular (Strima Adria salesman and technical service).

After the show we have started an auction and the proceeds we spent to 'Pomoz Im' Foundation. We started with the hope of collecting founds for one oxygen concentrator, but finished with two. Bided items were by our guests: a giant Schmetz needle, patchworks made during the Strima Patchwork Workshops in Stary Browar, collectible copy of the 1st '' together with the unique 'The Complete Costume History' by Auguste Racinet, Elwira Horosz portrait made by Slawomir Romaniuk, a hat made of men's shirt by Iwona Leliwa Kopystynska, the book 'Biale Slonie' by Professor Barbara Hanuszkiewicz, a set of hungarian Hollohaza porcelain donated by Agnes Kikker, Akoya pearl necklace, a commemorative deck of cards issued on the 100th anniversary of the company Virax Borghi 1906-2006, boxes of matches Strima 20 autographed by John Porter, Arek Krupa and Pawel Bronski. The auction gained 18.739,32 pln. At the Gala was presence "The Little Match Girl" (played by Elwira Horosz), who on behalf of the ‘Pomoz Im’ Foundation was selling Strima 20 matches. We are very grateful to all donors and participants.

The evening was also an excellent opportunity to distinguished persons for the development of the company. Strima’s Golden Bagde received Przemyslaw Zgola. He is the twelfth person in Strima's history awarded by this badge.

The evening's program closed Deja vu band, which energy swept all on the floor and made that once again, we danced until dawn. Who has not presence to the end, can only regret, especially that on the scene entered Tomaz Stular (Strima Adria) and Weronika Niezgoda (NAVI'LAND collection designer) - as vocalists.

Strima 20 evening is a success of all of us. For help in organizing the Gala we especially thank:
- Professor Barbara Hanuszkiewicz for writing and directing the fashion show
- designers: Elwira Horosz, Iwona Leliwa Kopystynska, Weronika Niezgoda, Martyna Lipinska and Paulina Banaszewska for the collections
- models from Avocado Models Agency Katarzyna Brzozowska
- hairdressers from Hair-dressing Salon Maestro Pawel Kaminski
- students from Make-up, Visage and Stylization School of Anita Folaron
- Sound & Lights team for preparing great atmosphere
- Blow Up Hall team, escpecially Joanna Karpinska and Dorota Kubiaczyk
- John Porter and Arek Krupa
- Deja vu band for great performance
- and all the participants of the auction

Thank you!

Strima 20 Grand Gala
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Strima 20 Fashion Show
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