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27-03-2020 Strima supports Polish dressmakers in sewing protective masks

Strima supports Polish dressmakers in sewing protective masks

We enjoy sewing and giving a hand, that is why we organized support for Polish dressmakers who are sewing protective masks for hospitals. Dressmakers collect money for needful materials to make masks. We announced that we will send sewing machines for free to people who donate for this action.

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09-03-2020 Women's Day For Rak'n'Roll Foundation

Women's Day For Rak'n'Roll Foundation

International Women’s Day? This year we decided to celebrate this holiday differently. We donated 8% of our daily income on 09.03.2020 for Rak’n’Roll - Win a Life Foundation*. This polish foundation helps women affected by cancer and encourages them to win with the disease, also changes society's attitude to cancer.

*"Rak" in polish language means cancer.

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07-03-2020 Sewing Workshop on Women's Day

Sewing Workshop on Women's Day

On the occasion of Women's Day, together with Leroy Merlin Polska, we organized in Swadzim a workshop on sewing eco-bags. Step by step we explained how to make the DIY bag on a sewing machine. For many people, it was a chance for sewing the first time in their lives.

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13-01-2020 Bestsellers 2019 at

Bestsellers 2019 at

As in the previous year, we present a list of Bestsellers with the highest recognition among our customers and the highest sales last year in the online store.

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07-01-2020 Business Gazelle for Strima

Business Gazelle for Strima

We are pleased to inform you that our company has been awarded the "Business Gazelles 2019" award in the twentieth edition of this competition. Thus, once again we got into the elite group of the fastest growing small and medium enterprises in Poland.

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