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19-12-2018 Strima Christmas Meeting 2018

 Strima Christmas Meeting 2018

Christmas meeting of employees, retirees and friends Strima company is already a tradition. We meet each year to sum up the passing year and spend a nice time enjoying delicious food and music.This year, the attraction was a magnificent view of the city from the 15th floor of the Mus Bar & View restaurant.

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18-12-2018 Christmas Strima auction - results

Christmas Strima auction - results

The Christmas Strima Auction has come to an end. Thank you very much! We have collected a total of 1,272 PLN together. The auctioned funds have already been transferred to foundations chosen by the bidders, and the decorations are already on their way to new owners. Prizes for the authors of the highest auctioned decorations should also arrive before Christmas. Once again, congratulations to all the bidders, we hope that the auctioned decorations will bring you joy in the upcoming holidays.

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11-12-2018 Quality first

Quality first

Parts of Zoje packed in a consistent and aesthetic manner have appeared in our warehouse. We try to keep our products are of the highest quality.

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07-12-2018 Christmas tree in Strima

Christmas tree in Strima

This year, we did not organize a competition for Christmas tree decorations, we decided on a charity auction with decorations from last year, which will soon take off. The festive Christmas tradition of dressing the Christmas tree was supported by the ornaments we have collected over many years. There are decorations from 2017, 2016, 2015 and even decorations from 2004. We all have them and we remember them! And this year, an exceptionally large Christmas tree appeared with us, thanks to which so many decorations could fit on it.
Merry Christmas!

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28-11-2018 She danced the needle and thread. Seminar

She danced the needle and thread. Seminar

"She danced a needle with thread, or a little bit of knowledge about needles and threads" Last Tuesday, 27/11/2018, at the University of Arts in Poznań, a seminar was held to familiarize students with the needle and thread knowledge. It is a kind of return to sources, origin and history, in a way, in a way, about fashion, which can only be said from the moment of the invention of the perfect needle in its form and function, which is complemented by the thread. One of the lecturers was the President of the Strima board, Paweł Broński.

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