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Embroidery design software CHROMA Luxe

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CHROMA Luxe is the most advanced version of CHROMA embroidery design software. CHROMA Luxe allows you to create advanced digitized designs quickly and easily.

Advanced embroidery design software

CHROMA software is a practical tool made for both beginners and advanced users. This program can be a quick solution for automatic digitizing and an unlimited source of tools such as magic wand and font editor. With CHROMA embroidery design software you can create and edit designs and lettering using built-in styles and a library of fonts.

Cloud-based embroidery design software

CHROMA is a cloud-based software that gives you access to free upgrades. The interface of the software is user-friendly. CHROMA Luxe is available for Windows and Mac OS. It comes in three versions: basic CHROMA Inspire, advanced CHROMA Plus, and the most advanced CHROMA Luxe. The Luxe version has all the features that CHROMA Inspire and CHROMA Plus have and many more. Embroidery design software CHROMA Luxe apart form easy import and export of files, easy auto-digitization, cross stitch, basting function, embroidery simulation on screen and more, offers tools for design analysis.

Besides basic functions, CHROMA Luxe includes:
- 133 pre-digitized fonts
- puffy fonts
- bubble text
- font editor
- combine/break apart
- applique
- magic wond
- color blending
- gradient
- jagged type
- stippling
- motifs/emboss
- wave fill

DEMO version of CHROMA software for MAC you can download HERE, and for Windows HERE