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Automatic lay end-cutter

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Brand: Dayang

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ATTENTION our cutters are equipped with 2nd, job facilitating, rear cloth press, what make them different from competitive cutters equipped only with front press. During comparing prices, check exactly what you will get in the return.

The set consists of: cutter and material feeder, automatic layers counter, rear cloth press, front cloth press rail with the cutter runner. Cloth press rails are 250cms long in standard what enables assembling on a table 220cms maximum wide or smaller.
The device cuts precisely and presses the material, cutting width and front rail lifting height can be adjusted, automatic or manual front rail lifting. You save material and labour cost.

Suitable for cutting both thick and thin materials, such as carpets, plastic rugs, leather, cotton, linen, silk, nylon, polyester, canvas, plastic film, PVC etc.

Voltage 230 V, motor power 300W, cutting speed 1300 rpm.

Product features

Max. table width: 220 cm
Rail length: 250 cm
Type of lay end-cutter: automatic