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Audaces Idea - user's license

Brand: Audaces

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Audaces Idea is an innovative tool for integrating all phases of creating a new collection, from design to its promotion. With an innovative approach to clothes design issues Audaces Idea offers a wide range of improvements in technological processes.

Design entire collections really fast and create technical and technological cards with the initial model valuation.

Module CREARE - designing
Creates sketches with ready mannequins, unlimited palette of colors and tools to refine the smallest details. Possibility of importing images, projects and material structures.

Module TECA - creating and using ready patterns
Creates a library of patterns, that allows you to create new models using pre-prepared projects, and all items of clothing.

Module ENGINE - calculation
Described fabrics, operations, measurement, patterns can be placed in practical tables. The module creates a final specification of patterns and estimated production cost.

Module DOC - documentation
Creates detailed documentation together with necessary reports about the patterns.

Module MIDIA - promotion of the collections
Creates presentations and product catalogs for easy submit them to the clients. You are designing patterns with technical and technological description and you can publish them in a ready files that enable the owners of the companies and your clients evaluation and selection of those that will come into production.
Thanks to the online publishing, the decision takes place without the presence of decision-makers.

Audaces Idea enhances collaboration: designer - constructor, cloth technologist, sewing person; designer - customer.

With Audaces Idea you have complete information at hand, and during creating of collections, the team is working independently but in fully integrated way.