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3 - AUDACES Marker Expert
Audaces Marker Expert - user's license

Brand: Audaces

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Audaces Marker Expert is the software that gets the best yield from fabric among software on the market.
In addition to having all the functions of Audaces Marker, the Marker Expert has automatic marker marking. This considerably reduces marking time.
Audaces Marker Expert has a tool that allows the operator to manually adjust large pieces and then, automatically the small ones, in the remaining spaces. To facilitate the changes in markers, the system groups and ungroups any piece.
It is also possible to program a list of markers to be calculated at intervals when the computer is not busy.

To create complete computer-aided design system you need:
- Audaces DigiFlash - World's fastest digitizing software szablonów
- Audaces Apparel - software for designing, modeling, grading and marker making
- Audaces Jet Lux Plus 185 cm / 70 m - 2-head, fast and quiet ink plotter

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