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MAIER blind stitch machine with energy-saving AC Servo TP550 motor - complete sewing machine


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Brand: Maier

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Universal blind stitch machine (light, medium and heavy fabrics), maximum sewing speed 3.000 s.p.m., compact body (vibration-free work and accurate stitch), automatic spring-loaded rib shaft device (plunger) ensures high quality even when sewing over cross seams, skip stitch device (interval) 1:1/1:2, on request 1:3, narrow cylinder arm ideal for sleeves, trousers, skirts and jackets. Complete sewing machine with PREMIUM table, energy-saving AC Servo TEXI POWER 550 motor.

TEXI POWER 550 - energy-saving AC Servo motor with 550W power. Benefits of using machine equipped with AC Servo motor:
- consumes 70% less energy than machine equipped with standard electronic or clutch motor
- works only when the machine is sewing (no idling running), thanks to which not only consumes less energy, but also warm less
- doesn't require three-phase supply - needs a 230V power supply, so the machine can be used in every room
- works quietly and vibration-free
- enables adjust the maximum speed of the machine
- in comparison to the machine with clutch motor, pedal of the machine equipped with servo motor requires less effort from the operator
- D1 digital indicator of the adjusted stitch depth respectively the position of the rib shaft (plunger). A valuable rationalization aid for quickly finding again a previous rib shaft (plunger) adjustment. Infinitely variable rib shaft (plunger) adjustment.
The adjustment accuracy per counter jump amounts to 0.002 mm. Current supply by means of a mains apparatus. Therefore, no battery needed for buffering the digital indicator
STAND PREMIUM SILVER - steel, stable and durable universal stand with height adjustment (72-82 cm) in colour which fits to line of Ergolinia chairs.

30019 PREMIUM - the highest quality table top made of moisture resistant birch plywood (30 layer) which perfectly damps vibrations. PREMIUM table top surface is coated with a special laminate with a structure suitable for the textile industry. Maximum resistant to impact, abrasion and splinters. Sides protected by ABS slats. PREMIUM table tops do not contains harmful ingredients.

For this machine we recommend SCHMETZ needles system 251 EU, with correct needle points, depending on the fabric.