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2 - AUDACES Apparel Expert
Audaces Apparel - Pattern Design / Marker Making Expert - software for constructing grading and modeling and for preparing cutting markers - user license

Brand: Audaces

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Pattern Design and Marker Making Expert are two applications of Audaces Apparel Expert - software making the apparel production process more agile by managing the steps of pattern design, grading, marker making and plotting.

Audaces Pattern:
Create patterns on the computer screen quickly and easily.
Create base patterns within industry standards including: measuring tables, sewing areas adapted to the equipment and shrinkage studies.
Add seams; define thread direction; place notches; create darts, hems; fold or unfold patterns; cut, combine; change measures and insert French curves, among others.
Import and export patterns generated in format AAMA, DXF, ISO-CUT, HPGL, DMPL, VET-IBA, EXP (some are optional).
Do and undo any action countless times.
Incorporate changes made in the base-pattern to all the other graded sizes.
Check the pattern measures. Example: sleeve and armhole.
Inform the perimeter and the area of all the pattern sizes.
Create marks for notches with configurable size and form.
Find pattern files with intelligent tool: by model name, client, key word, etc.
Protect pattern files with password.
Totally configure work area.
Offers various methods for grading, such as: point-to-point, mouse with angle and distance control, automatic or with grading rules.
Applies grading rules to a single point or to the entire pattern.
Copies and pastes grading between points or between patterns.
Grades notches and internal lines.

Audaces Marker Making Standard:
Create markers on any width of fabric and in different grades.
Automatically calculate fabric consumption.
Work in flat, tubular, glossy, striped, checked or patterned fabric.
Adjust folded patterns over the fold of the tubular fabrics.
Modify the quantity of patterns to adjust, sizes, type of fabric and properties of the marker of the patterns at any time, keeping the marker already done.
Offers an option to define safe distance between patterns.
Allows defining restrictions to rotation, symmetries and folds for the patterns.
Automatically adjusts the pieces for fabrics with shrinking.
Allows undoing or redoing any action countless times.
Avoids cutting errors: before printing, the system advises if there are overlapping pieces or if a piece is missing.
Has intelligent tool to find the marker files: by name of model, client or key word.
Shows all the marker information - such as yield, width and length, number of pieces adjusted.
Allow grouping pieces for adjusting.
Mark the points of manual or automatic splices.
Configure guide or reference lines for complex markers.
Totally configurable work area.
Compatible with the principal automatic cutting machines on the market.
Once the models and fabrics for production are defined, the software automatically calculates the cut order.
This tool calculates the cut order through information such as: table width, fabric type, maximum marker length, estimate yield, maximum number of layers and number of colours to the cut.
Allows precise plotting and guarantees high quality standards from creation to final product.

To create complete computer-aided design system you need:
- Audaces DigiFlash - World's fastest patterns digitizing software
- Audaces Jet Lux Plus 185 cm / 70 m - 2-head, fast and quiet ink plotter
- Audaces Marker Expert - software that gets the best yield from fabric; forget abort unnecessary material scraps

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