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  • 15% discount on all purchases in 2010 15% DISCOUNT

    15% discount on all purchases in 2010

    Bid yourself 15% discount on all purchases in 2010. Discount applies to orders placed by internet, phone, fax, email and personally and is valid in all branches of Strima. Discount billed on the basic price. Do not combine with other promotions, quantity discounts and online discount. Auction without minimal price and Buy It Now price. Winner takes all.

  • Auctions are done in EUR currency, after winning the auction client has the right to convert the auctions's currency to USD or PLN,

    Starting bid: 100.00 EUR (net)
    Current bid: Lack of offer
    Minimum price: no limit
    Auction began: 22.12.2009 12:00 CET
    Auction ends: 28.12.2009 12:00 CET
  • ended


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