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130/705 H VHS REF
SCHMETZ universal needles 130/705H, refill cartridges 30x5pcs. 2x70, 2x80, 1x90

Brand: Schmetz

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Refill cartridge for SCHMETZ display 36,5x18 cm

Standard SCHMETZ needles for fabrics.
30x5 pcs. - 2x70, 2x80, 1x90. They fit to the most types of household sewing machines.
SCHMETZ - you know what you have.

It's worth knowing:
- in order to easier identify of needles for household machines, SCHMETZ applies the coloured marks on the shank cone. UNIVERSAL [STANDARD] - without marks,
BALL POINT [WITH BALL - for jersey and knitted fabrics] - without marks,
STRETCH - yellow colour,
JEANS/DENIM - blue colour,
MICROTEX [for microfase and silk] - violet colour,
EMBROIDERY [with bigger eye for embroidery] - red colour,
QUILTING [for quilt and patchworks] - green colour,
SP SUPER STRETCH - orange colour

- if you sew the fabrics which are susceptible to damage [knitted fabrics particularly] and you are not sure if the needle top does not damage the fabric, please make a following simple test. Prick by needle the stretched [old] tights, and if the tights do not ladder, you can sew without any doubts.
- needles should be stored in original boxes - never loosely!, because it causes the top damages, what makes the irreparable fabrics defects.