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127-171 C
Temperature control paper stripes, bag of 40 pcs

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Temperature control stripes are a kind of chemical reacting paper thermometers. Reaching the printed temperature, the indicator changes its coluor from light gray to black. Because the change is irreversible the stripes can be used only once and can be a proof for the reached temperature.
The paper is very thin to allow a quick heating. The response time of the indicator is less than 1 sec. which is especially important at short pressing times. The accuracy of the measurement is at +/- 1% of the printed values.
The use of temperature control paper stripes is very easy. During fusing put the stripes between fabric and interlining with the indicator side of the stripes to the fabric. Now fuse as usual. After opening the press slightly tear the fabric and the interlining apart in order to pull the stripe out. Read the maximum temperature from the coluored indicators.
It is important to protect the stripes against moisture and dirt to get exact results, so they should be left in the plastic bags, in which they are delivered. If they are kept cool and dry they can be stored for nearly unlimited time.
Bag includes 40 stripes.
Available in different temperature scales:
104-143 C
127-171 C
143-182 C
182-224 C

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For fusing machines: continuous, plate presses