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1 - AUDACES DigiFlash
Audaces DigiFlash - complete with board - user's license

Brand: Audaces

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DigiFlash is an exclusive technology, worldwide patented. The software digitizes patterns using digital photographs, making a camera support, digitizing table or any other equipment unnecessary.

Possible problems such as distance, framing, perspective or photo distortion can be corrected by the system. Using artificial intelligence, the software generates a digital reproduction by automatically detecting the contours and control points.
The principal advantage of Audaces Digiflash is the precision and timesavings, since it is possible to digitize a set of patterns all at once, increasing the productivity of your company.

Another important distinction is the space savings, since it only involves a frame that is attached to a wall. Because it is flexible, it can be rolled and stored in a tube, facilitating transport.

Compatible with digital photographic cameras available on the market (minimum configuration 7 megapixels).

The useful area is 130 x 72 cm.

Magnetically attaches the patterns to the frame.

No tripod or any other support for the camera is needed.

Compatible with Windows 2000, XP or more advanced.

To create complete computer-aided design system you need:
- Audaces Apparel - software for designing, modeling, grading and marker making
- Audaces Jet Lux Plus 185 cm / 70 m - 2-head, fast and quiet ink plotter
- Audaces Marker Expert - software that gets the best yield from fabric; forget abort unnecessary material scraps

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