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Automatic spreading machine

Oshima logo K9-190 OSHIMA
"We bought the Oshima spreading machine in 2013 and since then everything has started to be in place;) After the presentation of the device, Piotr watched a movie from its work every night before going to bed. We felt that this will change our business. But we didn’t expect the range of changes. Spreading of fabric that had taken more than 9 hours to 2 people, now takes 5 hours to only one person. We released our capacity and we were able to realized more orders, which we probably wouldn’t be able to win because of limited efficiency. "

Ania and Piotr
owners of Stantex

Stantex K9-190 OSHIMA
fabrics relaxation
smooth spreading of woven and knitted fabrics


Guarantees easy and tension free spreading of woven and knitted fabrics, both the rolled and folded ones (both options are standard equipment). It is possible to spread right side up with cutting or zig-zag (without cutting) face to face.

- special system of a dynamic non-tension material feeding control (important during knitted fabrics spreading)
- automatic edge alignment during feeding-out and spreading
- smooth and safe truck speed regulation, truck accel- and deceleration control in the extreme positions
- adjustable cutter head travel length and speed.

power voltage speed lay height (one way) lay height (zig-zag)
1 kW 220 V 86 m/min 220 mm 150 mm

Call and find out more +48 61 8 950 950

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