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What is the best place to make photos of patterns?

Audaces Digiflash

We will pay...

250 EUR

for 1 mm

Test on your patterns. In your company. Your test.

If you want to test it +48 61 8 950 950

Each place. And any type of camera. Paulina will take a brillant photos of patterns from each place and with any type of camera. You can use even your mobile phone. Digitalizing will take a seconds.

Want to convince yourself? We will pay 250 EUR per 1 mm of mistake. Call us, we will arrange the presentation.
mail: audaces@strima.com, Phone: +48 61 8 950 950

You can afford it - believe that!

Ask yourself, how much time daily takes you to arrange and draw patterns? And now think that you can make it a lot faster!

Digitizing software

Grading & modelling software

Audaces Digiflash

Choose the fastest

Without a single click!

• Board: portable, light and don't take any space

Audaces Apparel

Choose intuitive

  • You don't have to click to digitalize pattern - all you have to do is take a photo
  • You don't need special camera - take your phone!
  • Photos of the patterns can be taken by everybody - you just have to take a photo of the whole board, the quality of the photo is not important
  • Digiflash is mobile. You can put the board into the tube and take with you everywhere - you take photos wherever you want
  • Upload photos of patterns to the program
  • Software will provide you with all tools necessary for constructor's work - your time of work will be reduced to minimum
  • You can create next models from the one database
  • Double control - even if you make mistakes, system will find it

Program for optimizing patterns


Audaces Marker Expert

8% material savings

Audaces Ploter

With free printing

  • You can create automatically markers and obtain calculations of material consumption for specific fabric widths
  • Before printing, the program will inform you about overlapped or missed patterns
  • Forget about unnecessary scrap of materials
  • Fast, silent and easy to use, without difficult calibration
  • Paper width up to 185 cm
  • Use standard HP cartridge
  • Free printing function - without necessity of rolling into receiving axle

Only with us. Presentation in your place with your patterns
Call +48 61 8 950 950!

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